Monday, March 2, 2015

{#sol15} Totally in Awe 2/31

hosted by Two Writing Teachers

In my job as a teacher-librarian, I coordinate the video announcements at our school. Today having that job was an extra-special treat. We're in the midst of renovating our school (I wrote about that here) and I was able to arrange for a video crew to tour the construction area. Three students got to go in wearing hardhats. They learned how to spin the dial and tighten them up. 

We saw duct work where ceilings will be later. We climbed up stairs that were recently poured. The site manager explained what was happening in the all of the major areas. I had been on a tour once before, but it was way more exciting seeing it through the eyes of eleven year old students. We saw people putting up sheet rock, we walked on metal that still needed cement to be poured, we looked across a skywalk that hadn't yet been walled in and much more. We got an education in building.

At the end of our tour, I tried to prompt them to say thank you to the site manager. I asked "What do you say?" All three of them responded simultaneously, "Awesome!" Of course they did say thank you  too, but awesome was certainly a good descriptor of our visit.


  1. My wing of our building is undergoing asbestos abatement this summer. I'll have to move all the books, etc. out. "Awesome" definitely isn't the word that comes to mind when I think about packing up at the end of the year. :-) Love that kids get to experience life among the "makers."

  2. How wonderful for those kids. They will always see buildings differently. Our district badly needs improvements. I'm jealous!

  3. What a cool opportunity for those students!!! And I love that their initial response was "Awesome"! Kids are so darn cute sometimes!

  4. I love that the kids responded, "Awesome!" So cute!

  5. Wow - what a fascinating experience for those kids! They will never forget that experience. I'm guessing you get to share the updates with the school too? As the kids said, "Awesome!!"

    Happy you are joining in the slice of life! Congrats on jumping in! You won't regret it and this community is just ... well ... Awesome! :)

  6. What a terrific experience for those kids! I hope someone took lots of pictures!

    1. We videotaped the entire experience. It will be uploaded to our Youtube channel after we have a chance to edit and add some commentary. :)

  7. An honest response to an incredible experience! Gotta love kids!