Sunday, March 29, 2015

{#sol15} Doodling 29/31

hosted by Two Writing Teachers

This picture is my attempt to hurry along our spring. We don't have green grass, blooming flowers, or blue skies yet, but they are coming. The book Picture This by Lynda Barry encouraged people to doodle. She writes, "A spiral is portable, reliable and takes up unbearable time and space and thoughts that torment. It gives us an active place to rest and be." 

I've found this to be true. My doodles often have spirals. They are comfortable and require little thought. They give my mind a rest. I'm listening to the second Octavian Nothing book trying to get through all of the Printz awards and honors. It's a challenge to me as I find it quite dry, but the addition of some doodling should make it more palatable. The doodling won't distract me from the story, but will give my body something to do in the meantime.

It's been a relaxing morning that included a little baking. I made strawberry scones, boiled some eggs, and made homemade chai (using the recipe from Lucy Knisley's fabulous graphic novel Relish). My family woke up in stages and everyone had a bite. I love the yummy smells that are still lingering on in the house. Now I'm off to listen and doodle and sip some more sweet chai.


  1. Doodles can lead to some interesting pictures. They are mindless but put a bunch together and you can have a masterpiece.

    Love scones. Never made any.

    1. Scones are super simple to make since they're essentially just a sweet biscuit. You can make them like drop biscuits or in the fancier triangle shapes. I love to make them on weekends.

  2. Oh, you've given me another slice, the first time I had scones. Thanks for the memory!

  3. Love your doodle! Now that you mention it, I do tend to use spirals a lot when doodling. What a nice relaxing morning you had.

  4. Have you seen the fabrics you can order of your designs? The fabric is a bit pricey by the yard, but your design would make an awesome throw pillow cover. You should at least go there and upload your picture and see what it would look like even if you don't create it and buy any.