Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{#sol15} Beading 25/31

hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Beads, beads, and more beads. Tonight I spent several hours making a bracelet at a craft night. It took me near forever to measure and count and figure out my design, but eventually I was finally working on the loom. There were snacks, a movie was playing and we were chatting sometimes too. It was a relaxing evening and people moved at a nice calm speed. Not everyone was there with a daughter, but a few were. It got me thinking about how we learn so many of our arts and crafts from family members. 

My mother showed me how to do needlepoint and helped me use a sewing machine - though that thing always scared the daylights out of me. No matter how gently I pressed, I always felt like the machine was a runaway train. Mom also taught me how to make stamps with potatoes when I was really young and later how to paint with brushes. I remember getting an art set for Christmas one year and clutching it like it was a treasure box. 

I'm thankful that family members and even near strangers (as was the case tonight) pass on their knowledge and love for crafts.

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  1. Busy hands can take the mind to a better place, sometimes. I love playing with a variety of crafts, it is a creative outlet.