Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{#sol15} Tea for Me 10/31

hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Any minute now the wonderful aroma of chai will come floating into the office. I love tea. I have teapots here at home and at work. I'm the teacher that may walk down the hall with a teapot in one hand and a cup in the other. My father-in-law bought me a tea set years ago and that's the one I use at work every day.

The tea I'm making now though, is a more complicated affair. I'm using the recipe from Lucy Knisley's book Relish. It involves cooking black tea along with cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, ginger and other lovely tastes together. She says it makes the house smell like Christmas and I would have to agree. I need to go stir and get ready to sip some sweet and wonderful chai.


  1. "Tea" in a title drew me right in. I am a tea drinker. Green tea mostly. I have not yet tried tea recipes or rituals. Enjoy the chai. My sister sometimes makes it for me with lots of whipped milk.

  2. Sure wish the smells could come through the screen. Sounds delicious!