Wednesday, March 11, 2015

{#sol15} Who's that Dancing About? 11/31

hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Have you ever noticed the logo on Annick Press books? 

I kept thinking that it reminded me of something or someone, but I never did figure out who or what on my own. At ALA Midwinter though, a person in the Annick Press booth revealed the truth. We were having a conversation and the name Robert Munsch came up. That's a name that has long been associated with Annick Press. We chatted about The Paper Bag Princess and how much I love that book. That's when I found out that Elizabeth, the original Paper Bag Princess, is the one dancing about for Annick's logo. How did I miss that!?

I just got home with a headache, but seeing a copy of Mortimer by the computer totally made me smile. If you don't know his picture books, you ought to seek them out as soon as possible - especially The Paperbag Princess. You'll thank me.

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  1. Love Robert Munsch books! Will have to check the symbol for Annick next time I see one of the books on my shelf. Thanks for the insider info.