Thursday, March 19, 2015

{#sol15} My Crayon Box 19/31

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In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Family Night at The Three Rivers House had an Irish influence. Corned beef and cabbage, shepherd's pie and boiled dinner were available. There were also veggies, but the fruit was a surprise. The fruit was displayed in the shape of a rainbow and there were marshmallow clouds.

The Ho-Chunk language lesson revolved around the colors of the rainbow. We had pictures to color according to the labels. 

Pulling crayons out of the box and coloring the rainbow, my breathing deepened and my shoulders dropped. Coloring is something that we think of as an activity for children, but maybe adults could use a little more coloring time in our lives. With each moment my crayon was moving, my body relaxed more and more. Buzzfeed just posted an article about a woman who is making coloring books for adults. I might get one of those.

There was a quote at the end of the article, "Coloring seems to help people think about a time when life was simpler and carefree." I'm not sure that I totally agree with that statement. I find the act of coloring enjoyable and yes, it reminds me of being young, but childhood wasn't simpler or carefree. Childhood was full of concerns and fears and I was so uncomfortably timid. I wouldn't want to go back, but it was nice to revisit the crayon box.


  1. I loved coloring as a child. My younger sister and I would have coloring contests. Thanks for reminding me of a great childhood memory.

  2. How about the smell of the crayons. There's something about that scent that begins the process of relaxing, then the movement of putting color to paper does have a therapeutic effect.

  3. There are quite a few adult coloring books on Amazon. I remember coloring in college. It was very therapeutic.

    1. I remeber a few friends getting out the crayons in the dorm. I didn't color often in college, but I remeber really enjoying it when I did.