Review Policy

On this blog I review children's and young adult materials. I am a librarian in an elementary school and I may review materials that our library owns or that I have personally purchased. I also review hard copy ARCs or digital ARCs via Netgalley and Edelweiss. In my reviews, I will always list how I got the review copy.

If I get hard copy ARCs, those are usually given away in our spring book exchange. In the case of YA ARCs, I pass those on to young adult librarians in our school district or our community.

I cannot guarantee that I will review every ARC that I receive due to time constraints and I do not review books that I do not finish. I will give an honest review and will point out both positives or negatives in the writing. Please see some of my previous reviews to get an idea of what my reviews are like.

I also review books at Rich in Color a blog focused on diverse young adult literature.

I am not interested in horror, but most other genres are happily accepted. I am also interested in non-fiction. If you would like me to review something, but have a deadline, please contact me at crbrunelle AT I may be able to work within the timeframe, but will let you know whether it is possible beforehand.

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  1. How do I submit my debut novel, THE PARTY LINE, a YA novel about diversity in pre-revolutionary Iran? Happy to send you a copy. Many thanks, Karen