Monday, March 16, 2015

{#sol15} Where Have I Come From and Where am I Going? 16/31

hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Jen Vincent over at TeachMentorTexts has taken this Slice of Life Story Challenge to a whole new level. She's been examining the people, situations, and other things that have shaped her life. She has been transparent and courageous examining her life journey. It makes me want to do the same though it's scary to dig deep inside to see what we are made of and who we really are at the core.

During the second half of this month, I'm hoping to do some digging into my own past. I want to see where I've been and also look ahead to where I'm going. There may be a few tender spots, but it's a journey I'd like to start.


  1. I look forward to reading the slices about your "journey". You are courageous, too.

  2. It sure is a bit scary the first time you put your heart and sole out there...but the people of this community are amazing.m I look forward to getting to know you :-)

  3. I read Jen's post on sharing her story of being both Hispanic and White. It was excellent! We all could do more digging on who we are and what has made us. That's what story-telling is all about! Writing is living twice!

  4. Let the journey begin and see what you discover about yourself and where you are going.

  5. What a great plan as you turn the corner on this challenge. There is so much truth here, "It's scary to dig deep inside to see what we are made of and who we really are at the core." Good luck!