Thursday, March 5, 2015

{#sol15} Rushing 5/31

hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Today was a day of rushing. I am often late and many times and telling myself, "No running in the halls." I fuss at children for doing it, but I should probably tell them that I fuss at myself too.

I won't tell you if I was late to work, because even I wouldn't be that transparent on the Internet. You may believe what you like on that score. I had things to do before my first class and we had pre-k come in for a quick check out. Even when I am in a hurry, it is fun to see them. Their eyes get so big when they find a book that looks interesting to them.

I had regular classes, but in one class we also had another Skype as an extension of World Read Aloud Day. Since I don't have my own classroom anymore (renovation woes), doing a Skype visit is a more complicated thing. We had an awesome time reading poems with a class from Seattle.

The afternoon was a little less stressful at least until the lights went out (more renovation woes). The best part of the day though, was our team meeting. My team is comprised of the teachers from Art, Music, PE, Guidance, Library and Technology. We usually meet once a week. This week the only thing on our agenda was glazing our pinch pots. We chatted while we painted the pots we made during a meeting last month. I picked a nice bright red and loved slathering the glaze all over the place. I made a bit of a mess too. It was a wonderful way to end the school day.

When I got home I had to rush to the feed store so my dog won't starve tonight. He had 1/2 cup of food left. The store closes at 5:00, but I made it. Whew.

The last bit of rushing for the day is finishing up a book and reviewing it. The review is supposed to be posted by tomorrow. Why didn't I finish it earlier? It may be because I was binge watching the first three seasons of Downton Abbey last weekend so I could go to a Downton Abbey tea party at the library last Sunday. Oops.


  1. I feel the rushing in your post, and I sure can identify with it! I feel like I am running late all the time!

  2. We all have those days. Loved that you got to glaze pinch pots at your mtg. Hoping to play Minute-to-Win -It at team tomorrow.

  3. This was rush, rush, rush, until you got to the glazing. The action slowed, calmed, then back to rush, rush, rush. I hope you have a less rushed day today.

  4. I'm tired just thinking about your day. And I certainly understand binge watching "Downtown Abbey." The tea sounds fun.