Monday, April 11, 2016

Must Read in 2016

Thanks to Carrie Gelson for hosting this challenge. I am late reporting, but last week was jam packed and this slipped past me. Better late than never though, so I am posting anyway. 

This was my original list of 54 titles to read this year:

So far, I have read 14 of them:

My favorite picture book was Homemade Love by bell hooks. It's a lovely book about family love and I am smitten. I wish it wasn't out of print.

The standout nonfiction book was Tricky Vic. I had to admire his ingenuity and ability to con people. 

My favorite adult fiction is a tie with the two Junot Diaz books. The man has a way with words.

From middle grade and young adult books, Tall Story was the best. I enjoyed the development of the sibling relationship.

I've made a dent in the list, but still have 40 books left to read. I think Booked is the next one I want to read. I'm so excited for that one. 

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  1. I also can't wait to read Booked. I am now on the lookout for Tall Story.