Sunday, April 17, 2016

Review: Little Bitty Friends

Title: Little Bitty Friends
Author: Elizabeth McPike
Illustrator: Patrice Barton
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Pages: 32
Format: Picture book
Review copy: Final copy from publisher
Availability:  On shelves now

Summary:  A cuter-than-puppies companion to Little Sleepyhead

Little bitty chipmunks,
chattering all the day,

Little bitty ladybug
always comes to play.

Marching with ants, snuggling with baby rabbits, reaching for the sun with happy buttercups–young children form special bonds with nature’s little creations.

Lyrical verse and charming scenes capture an enchanted world of little bitty friends.

Review: Absolutely adorable. Cute and sweet are also good descriptors starting with the endpapers. I love decorated endpapers and this one has pastel paw prints scattered about. The dedication page features a smiling puppy romping around and a cute little blue bird flitting about. It's a perfect look at spring with cuddly critters and young children.

The only complaint I have is the line "little weeping willow." When is a weeping willow ever little? The illustration didn't make it look little either. That was odd in my mind, but it only distracted me a tiny bit and toddlers and pre-school children will be unlikely to have that same question. They will probably just be smiling and giggling with the children in the book the whole way through.

Recommendation: If you have young children around, this is a great quiet book to read together when snuggling especially during spring. It's sure to bring smiles and happy feelings.

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