Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge - Poetry

Alyson Beecher over at Kid Lit Frenzy hosts a Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge and has a roundup every Wednesday. I love the encouragement to explore more nonfiction. My plan is to read at least 100 nonfiction picture books this year.

Illustrated by Bob Kolar

Publisher's summary: Fourteen shark species, from the utterly terrifying to the surprisingly docile, glide through the pages of this vibrantly illustrated, poetic picture book.

From the enormous whale shark to the legendary great white to the enigmatic goblin shark to the small cookie-cutter shark, Slickety Quick is a delightful frenzy of shark mayhem. Mysterious species such as the camouflaged wobbegong and the elusive frilled shark share the waters with better-known blue and nurse sharks, each commemorated in a poem by Skila Brown and illustrated by Bob Kolar. Sneaky shark facts ripple through each spread to further inform the brave and curious young reader intrigued by the power — and danger — of these amazing creatures.

My Thoughts: Poetry paired with interesting facts is a wonderful combination - particularly when the illustrations are pretty fabulous. The poems are in fun shapes, often the shape of the shark being described. Unfortunately, I left the book at school this afternoon, so I can't refer to it, but it's definitely a book students are going to love. There are plenty of sharp teeth and they showcase several extremely bizarre looking creatures. It's sure to be a hit.

Extras: Skila Brown has a teacher's guide posted on her blog and has a section of her website  devoted to posts about shark facts that include photos and video for readers seeking more information.


  1. Wow, I just bookmarked some other poetry books too. I agree that factual poetry books are so good. Thanks for this one, Crystal, a new one to me!

  2. Any books about sharks grab most kids attention! Thanks for showing us this one, I don't think we have it!

  3. I love the idea of combining poetry with nonfiction. Off to look for more titles.