Friday, June 27, 2014

Poetry Friday

This weekend I am planning to go see Sarah Kay in Chicago. I love her spoken word poetry. Here is one of the poems from her recent book No Matter the Wreckage.

Here is the first poem I ever heard from Sarah Kay. In this one, she is doing what I would call a poetry duet with Phil Kaye.

At some point in the past, Sarah created a Youtube playlist that highlights some of the spoken word poets who have influenced her own work. It's pretty cool. 

Finally, I also found a helpful book this week, Picture Yourself Writing Poetry.

It has some fantastic writing prompts that are tied to the photographs in the book. Laura Purdie Salas also offers some sample poems and many excellent suggestions for writing poetry inspired by photos. 

Here is a photo that I took a while back as a train passed by me. I am attempting to use it as a prompt. I've started brainstorming words, but don't have a poem yet. Wish me luck.


  1. Thanks for introducing this wonderful pair! I enjoyed the video.

  2. I knew Sarah Kay through her poem Point B which I read to my 12 year old girl - have you heard of that one yet? Truly beautiful. :)