Friday, March 15, 2013

Wondering Along

Here are a few of the things that I am wondering this week.

Will it still be snowing in May?

Will I ever figure out the tone markers in the Hmong language?
There are 8 possible tones (or in one case the absence of a tone). B M J V __ S G D
I can tell you what they are, but using them properly is another story.



Do we have too many books in the house? Is it possible to have too many books?
In the interest of full disclosure, there are actually more in boxes too.

Will I be a blubbering basketcase when it is time to present at the WEMTA conference?
And more importantly -- did I really think it was a good idea to present on the Common Core?

Will I buy and wear a jingly Zumba wrap one day? 
Also, wouldn't it be cool to go to a belly dancing class?

I also wonder how many days it will take to move us from the left picture to the right?

What are you wondering today?

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