Saturday, March 16, 2013

Excellent Places to Read

Inspired by author Darlene Beck Jacobson and her post at the Nerdybookclub blog, I started thinking about excellent places to read. I too came up with a top ten.

At first, I was thinking about all of these cool places to go like the Empire State Building or Paris or gondola rides in Italy, but realized if that is where I was, I would probably rather be enjoying the view unless I had experienced the place many, many times. So here are some realistic yet fabulous places to read.

For Real Top Ten Places to Read

10. Up in a tree

 9. In a tent with an e-reader so I can see even if everyone else has fallen asleep

 8. At The Root Note (cafe) when they have a good jazz set going

 7. In front of a nice roaring fireplace with just enough light to see the words

 6. On the deck of a cabin in the woods in the mountains

 5. On a blanket under a tree with my dog beside me

 4. On the beach under a huge umbrella

 3.  In a warm bubble bath

 2. At a fabulous library

 1. Tucked in bed with huge pillows and a cup of tea

Fantasy Top Ten Places to Read

10. In a gondola in Venice

 9. On a tropical island in a hammock (without any insects)

 8. In Hannah Tupper's meadow

 7. On a hill surrounded by blueberries that I can reach out and pick when I get hungry

 6. At Cair Paravel in Narnia

 5. In the library at Hogwarts

 4. By the fire in the home of the March sisters

 3. Tucked in a very old bed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art after visiting hours

 2. While taking a bath in the prefect bathroom at Hogwarts

 1. In a hobbit hole in Middle Earth

Where would you like to read?

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