Saturday, March 23, 2013

Twitter Fun

Twitter has become such a great way to enhance my professional life. This school year through my Twitter friends I:

  • Planned Skype visits with other educators so our students could celebrate reading together and learn a bit about other parts of the country.
  • Connected with another person to begin a new blog together about diverse young adult literature (more information on that coming soon)
  • Found out about and attended the EdCampMadWI
  • Continually hear about amazing books through participation in the Nerdybookclub
  • Found a great resource for my fifth grade teachers who will be teaching a graphic novel unit soon
  • Participate in fantastic chats like #titletalk and #diverselit
  • Meet inspirational people who keep me excited about learning
  • Hear about great new book trailers to share with my students
There are so many more things that I could say, but ultimately, Twitter helps me continue to learn. You can find me on Twitter @librarygrl2. Thanks Tweeps!

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