Friday, March 8, 2013

Diverse Literature

I was happy to stumble upon the #diverselit chat yesterday. Finding diverse literature to share with my students is something very important to me. I have been purchasing diverse literature for our library, but I also want to find ways to let people know about the quality books that I am finding. One way I am doing that is through this blog, but I feel like there could be more to do.

This is something I will be pondering over time. How do I spread the word? Is there anything one person can do to help support diversity in publishing - aside from making my own purchases? I thought of this last time there was a #titletalk. We were discussing historical fiction. What I noticed was that this was an opportunity to mention diverse titles. I also realized that I would like to find more titles to share.   I also wondered if it was a bad thing to have an agenda as I was listing titles. These are the kinds of thoughts that have been bubbling around in my head. 

If you have ideas about how I can find and promote diverse literature, let me know. Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Crystal,
    I am a retired school librarian who has a book fair and childrens book selling business. I focus heavily on diversity and nature. I find that Barefoot Books, Lee and Low, Cinco Puntos Press, and Pinata Books are some of the best for diveristy. I like to work mostly with small independent publishers, but I know bigger ones like Candlewick and Chronicle do a good job too. I would love to chat with you about the publishers I sell for and hear about ones you find do a good job with diversity. You can email me directly at:
    Happy Reading,

  2. Thanks for the publisher information. I was not familiar with all of them and will check them out.