Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Dreaded E-Portfolio

I am back at work on my e-portfolio. Why am I spending my precious weekend time on such a thing? Only because my license is expiring and the state would not be likely to give me a new one without it. I'm guessing my school district would frown on that.

So, after trying numerous logins and passwords, I finally figured out how to get back into my account that hasn't really been modified since 2007 when I graduated. I worked for a few hours on Saturday. To my chagrin, I actually find this process a little fun. How geeky is that? I am so embarrassed. 

So I am combing through Tweets, blog posts and other online work that I have done to find my "artifacts" and am thinking through my educational philosophy, mission and all of those types of things.  The worst part of it all is discovering that I actually like this activity. I feel like this should be way less enjoyable, but there it is. I must be crazy -- but it's a good kind of crazy.

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