Friday, June 14, 2013

Reflection on a Beautiful Day

On Tuesday I slept in, baked some scones, cruised around the Internet and read some books, wrote a book review and hung out with my children. I love summer vacation. In the afternoon, I sat on the back porch reading The Language Inside (a fantastic novel in verse). The sun was warming my skin and I could smell the fragrance of the blooming bushes on the gentle breeze. As I appreciated the weather and my state of relaxation, I wondered if I would remember this day - this individual moment of peacefulness. Or would it be lost in the memories because there was nothing distinct to set it apart? Could I capture the moment to hold onto later when I need a happy thought?

I will give it a try. Putting it into words makes it seem more of a solid memory. Putting things into words is what many teachers will be doing very soon for Teachers Write. I am excited to be participating again this year. Learning together is so much fun and I am happy to do anything that helps to keep me writing.

Will you be joining Teachers Write? Will you be doing any other reading or writing challenges this summer?

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