Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fun

There were lots of fun moments this week. I especially enjoyed wearing my One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish with my yellow kicks today. I'm always happy to get to celebrate books through my wardrobe. :)

Another fun time this week was getting to meet Ame Dyckman through Skype visits with two of our first grade classes. Unfortunately, technology didn't cooperate fantastically on the first visit so we only had audio, but at least it got straightened out for the second visit and we could actually see this fantastic author! It was so cool to hear Boy + Bot being read by the author. Thanks Ame!!!

All of the first graders in the school got to take home some great swag too. They were soooo excited!

Another first grade class got to visit with a class from a middle school in another part of the state via Skype to celebrate Dot Day. @pageintraining organized that connection. Along with the special events, library classes were utilizing technology to create Dot pictures, write comments on our school reading blog, and having many other fun learning opportunities. It was a busy week, but it was also very productive. I am slightly exhausted, but after the weekend, I am hoping to be re-charged and ready for some more great learning. Happy weekend!

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  1. This week does look fun! There is now a Phantom Tollbooth shirt out, and I may need to get it. And turquoise tennis shoes so it's an outfit.