Friday, September 14, 2012

Finally Friday!

I am happy to get to the end of this week and get a little more recovery time so I can be the best me possible next week. There were many great things going on at our school, but in the middle of it all I got my first cold of the school year. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty tough. Both included naps after school and early bedtimes with very little reading and no energy for the running I was scheduled to accomplish. 

Fortunately, the worst of the cold is past and the kiddos at school have provided me with tons of positive moments this week in spite of my icky cold. Today I met with 5th grade students that are jazzed about planning video announcements for next week. Co-workers shared lots of laughter throughout the week. And there are also just so many people that have been handing out hugs, smiles, positive comments and general warm fuzzies - both students, staff, and parents. We have an awesome school with some fabulous people. I really love my job!

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