Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Days Back

So far, the week has been passing in a blur of activity. It is great to meet the new students and reconnect with past students. I also love being able to read aloud again! Here are some of the books we have shared this week.


I have also been able to book talk a storm with the upper grades which is always fun. I love to see those book-talked books fly off of the shelf.

Today second grade students also used ipads to photograph each other using browsing sticks, lining up to check out, and otherwise "catching" each other following proper library procedures. 

We are also gearing up for Dot Day and will be having some fun with that next week. I can't wait.

In the midst of classes though, technology has sometimes been dicey. This is the complication of leaving technology alone for the summer. Somehow things unplug themselves and when they are turned on again, things that were perfectly functioning in the spring have somehow become my nemesis. The strangest glitches turn up and troubleshooting has been the name of the game for me. I am sure that within a week or so we will get it all sorted out and be back to normal. Fortunately teachers are a flexible bunch. We'd go crazy otherwise. We bend with the wind so we don't break. I plan on bending and swaying throughout this week.


  1. I am "trying" to read aloud a chapter book to my classes (I'm teaching US history this year for the 1st time). However, I cannot seem to get into a routine of it since I'm still trying to get my time management under control for these hour long classes. :)


  2. I always have to feel my way through for awhile to know how fast or slow things will go. It usually does all get sorted out, but it is uncomfortable in that "feeling your way" time huh? I hope you have a great year!

  3. Things do unplug themselves over the summer. Thankfully we have wonderful LMC directors to notice the unplugged! :)