Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Hmong Resources

Book covers The Most Beautiful Thing, Forest of Souls, Astrid & Apollo and the Starry Campout, and A Map Into the World

There are many thousands of Hmong Americans in the Midwest and other areas around the country, but teachers and librarians are not always able to easily find resources that represent those students and families. Over the past few years, I've been working to find helpful resources and I wanted to make a space to gather the books and other things I've found. If you know of others, please share them in the comments.

Book covers. Tougi the Toad, I Can Do It!, The Collection, and Hmong Picture Dictionary

HER Publisher
Hmong ABC (bookstore - online & St. Paul location)
Hmong Baby (publisher)
Minnesota Reading Together Project (books to order & free pdfs)
My First Hmong Book LLC (beginning readers)
Project Hmong (publisher - early readers & bulletin board border)
Reading Karma (publisher)
St. Paul Public Schools - Hmong Language & Culture Products

Book covers. Gathering Firelies, Melody of the Qeej, Shoua and the Northern Lights Dragon

Individual Books:
Astrid & Apollo series (early chapter books)
Hmanganime (Hmong Fantasy/Anime Coloring Book - free)
Hmong ABCs
Hmong in Wisconsin (WI Historical Society book)
Hmong New Year 2015 - La Crosse, WI (Electronic book - free access)
Hmong New Year 2017 - La Crosse, WI (Electronic book - free access)
Leej Twg Hlub Koj? Who Loves You?
Ntxhais (high school senior project online comic)
The Plain of Stone Jars
Ten Little Fish/Kaum Tus Me Nyuam Ntses (board book)
Yer and the Tiger - audio online via Classical Storytime

Hmong dresses hanging at Hmong New Year

Hmong Clothing/Accessories
Big Eye Little Eye (online & St. Paul location)
Muaj Tiag Clothing Co.
RedGreen Rivers

Other Resources
Duachaka Her's Resource page
Hmong American Experience (latest news & stories about Hmong Americans) 
Hmong Embroidery (online textile museum) 
Hmong Times (MN online news)
Learn About Hmong
Hmong Artist List curated by HmongThrills 
Mai Chao (a student was able to interview her - watch here)
Multiple Artists spotlighted
Shoua Yang (he did a great virtual visit at my school)

Musicians - I'll need to find more ;)
Maa Vue
Maa Vue 'If I Became a Rapper' (fun rap using math)
Hmong instruments for purchase - Neng Now

Children's & YA Authors 
V.T. Bidania (awesome virtual visits for both 3rd & 4th grade)

Children's & YA Illustrators
Duachaka Her (comics)
Dara Lashia Lee
Billy Thao

Spoken Word Poetry/Essays/Read Alouds (Videos)
Come Home (spoken word poem by Kevin Yang)
Hmong American Day Read Alouds (not all follow copyright regulations)
'Hmong American Experience: Life Between Two Worlds' (Poem by Nakita)
Kuv Ua Tau/I Can Do It/ (read aloud by Mykou Thao)
A Map Into the World (read aloud by Kao Kalia Yang)
The Most Beautiful Thing Read Aloud & School Visit with Kao Kalia Yang
Ka Vang (spoken word poem)

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