Thursday, September 3, 2015

#MustReadin2015 - September Update

The fantastic Carrie Gelson organized a reading challenge to help herself and others whittle down the books on their To Be Read list/pile. My #MustReadin2015 list has 53 books on it and is housed on a Goodreads shelf

As of April 2, I had read 12/53. When we updated at the beginning of July, the total was up to 30/53. Now I've read a grand total of 41/53. This leaves only twelve more to go for the year. If I read three each month, it should be achievable. Does it count if I skimmed one of them? It was a professional development book and I don't think I am going to ever read every word on every page, but I will deal with that issue later. :)

Most of the ones I've read lately have been in an attempt to read all of the books that have been Pura BelprĂ© honors and winners. There are only two left now, Spirits of the High Mesa and An Island Like You.  I'm hoping that our inter-library loan service comes through for me here since those titles are hard to find. By the way, I find the list difficult to read on the ALA website, but now I have a shelf with all of them there so you can see the titles that way too.

Here are my top ten #MustReadin2015 books so far this year:


Happy reading!


  1. You are motoring through that very long list! I am impressed!

  2. You're doing so well! 12 books for the rest of the year is totally doable!

  3. Great progress, Crystal! I LOVED Cirucs Mirandus and am typically averse to fantasy, but that one sucked me in.

    I haven't made tons of progress on my #mustread list, but you can check it out here:

    Happy reading!