Saturday, September 5, 2015


Discover. Play. Build.

Ruth Ayres has a link-up on weekends where people link to posts that are celebrations about their week. I love this reminder to celebrate every week.

My celebration this week started with a mistake. I went out for a six mile run. The weather was warm and humid, but I had some water with me and planned to refill my bottle on my way back through the park. All was going well for the first 3 miles. The path I took led along a creek and through a small forest. Around mile two, the path ended, but I went another mile before I turned around. This is where it got interesting. First, I noticed that I had traveled that road years ago with a friend who no longer lives here. It was fun thinking about Cindy. Then I saw the fields of corn and marveled at how beautiful they looked with the sky and bluffs above them. In all of this though, I missed the entrance to the path.

Eventually I wondered why it was so far and realized that I had overshot and would be running more than six miles. I also understood that going back would not be a good plan because I was nearly out of water and there was no way to get any for quite some time if I turned around so I kept going to the next road. I knew there were houses coming up so at the very least perhaps someone would let me fill my bottle.  There is a small rodeo facility on that road and fortunately there was a rodeo this weekend. Yay! I got to see a few horses, but more importantly, the woman working at the front gate got water from her vehicle and filled up my bottle. Thank goodness for kind strangers.

The re-route also sent me through a neighborhood with some memories. I passed the house of a woman who used to babysit one of my children. I also ran near a place where I used to have Zumba classes. My detour added more than a mile to my run, but there were some nice memories along the way.


  1. Congrats on your wise choice to keep moving forward in search of water . . . you were rewarded with that and a few more memories. What a fun run! Glad you weren't really lost.

  2. So serendipity wins again, right? I love hearing when a quirky change ended in something nice, Crystal. Glad you shared the story.

  3. Isn't it amazing when we get caught up in memories that we can often lose sight of what is going on around us? I am glad that the memories were happy and that the run ended happily.