Saturday, November 15, 2014


Discover. Play. Build.

Ruth Ayres has a link-up on Saturdays where people link to posts that are celebrations about their week. I love this reminder to celebrate every week.

* I have a dog. He loves me. He greets me everyday with his tail wagging madly. I get kisses too if I let him close to my face. I avoid this though because I am barely tolerating dog kisses. I grew up seeing Lucy react to Snoopy.

* I met with the architect, our principal & a woman who is helping us design and furnish our new library space as we renovate the building. It's a bit overwhelming making the decisions, but it's very exciting imagining the possibilities.

* We had our first snow of the season. I know we will be tired of it eventually, but there's something magical and wondrous about seeing those big white flakes for the first time. It always gives me a joyful heart to see those beautiful flakes blanketing everything.

* My daughter's ability to drive herself has freed up a lot of time for me. I used to drive and then sit in a waiting room every week during voice lessons. I also drove 25 minutes each way to get her to orchestra practice on Saturday mornings. Her license is saving me a few hours of driving and waiting time. 

* We had our final drawing class and it was fun to see how we've progressed in six short weeks. We displayed our favorite pieces and had a fun evening together.

* This is a somewhat silly thing to get excited about, but it made me smile this week so I'm sharing it. I got a friend request on Goodreads from a favorite author. I know this doesn't make us BFFs, but it was a nice surprise.

I hope you had a week filled with things to celebrate - both large and small.


  1. :-) - Authors are mostly like rock stars. It's true!

  2. Love that you were 'friended' by someone special, Crystal. That's nice! And love that you are enjoying the 'extra' non-driving time. There is a perk to a teen driving after all! It's great you took the drawing class, hope you post some of your work someday!

  3. Crystal,
    Your list is sweet and whimsical and I'm much better for having read it. I'm glad you CELEBRATE each week. :)