Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slice of Life


The Slice of Life Challenge was created by the people over at the blog Two Writing Teachers. The challenge is to write about some part of your day and share it each Tuesday then give feedback to at least three other bloggers.

Over the past few days, many of the activities in my library have involved technology. These activities have not been without challenges. Students were navigating websites that they had never experienced before or had only tried once or twice the year before. Between assisting students who needed to log on to a Chromebook (I don't have enough desktops for all) in addition to getting around in the websites, I was a busy lady hustling to and fro. What I saw happening brought a huge smile to my face though. As I buzzed here and there, students were also doing their part to help those near them.

Of course if someone raised their hand, I helped, but students often took care of each other and worked together to solve problems. Sometimes I need to remember to hang back and let them step up.  I buzzed a little slower and watched them grow. 

It reminded me of something Colby Sharp commented on Saturday. He mentioned that Franki Sibberson had suggested having a "classroom expert list" posted in the room that. It would list the students and their strengths so they can use each other as resources.  I echo his thought, "I love when they get support from each other instead of me."


  1. Just reading your words, students helping each other, made me smile! I love it when they help each other, and sometimes they even help me. I have always been grateful for the tech specialists in my classroom. Love the idea of a classroom expert list.

  2. So great to see this - students helping each other and finding agency in their own abilities.

  3. Glad there was a positive buzz. My rule is always 'three before me' as this helps them realize that the teacher is not the only way to an answer. I also encourage them to try to find a way them self before asking someone else. They are pretty resourceful, when they need to be!