Thursday, October 16, 2014

Poetry Friday

It's Poetry Friday. Today's Little Ditty is hosting this week. She has a Halloween theme going on, but with our building project going full steam, my mind has been focused in that direction. If you want a taste of what has been happening, watch the first minute or so of our announcements.

The New


  1. Wow, that's some undertaking, Crystal! I bet you're pretty excited about the final results though. :) I really like how your poem starts and ends with inversions: groundbreaking/breaking ground and lifting up/uplifting.

  2. Golden shovels at work creating something new - that's a snazzy looking school!

  3. How fun for your students to be able to watch this building process! Are they writing about it, too?

    1. Not yet as far as I know, but thank you for the encouragement to make sure it happens.

  4. Your poem gives due to both sides of the construction process: destruction and transformation, Crystal. Neat picture sequence, too. =)