Saturday, October 11, 2014


Discover. Play. Build.

Ruth Ayres has a link-up on Saturdays where people link to posts that are celebrations about their week. I love this reminder to celebrate every day.

** One of the biggest celebrations this week was being able to visit the new location of the Children's Cooperative Book Center (CCBC) in Madison. The CCBC is so much more spacious and comfortable now. There is room on the shelves! Also, it is always a treat to be in the same room with so many people who love books. We talked literacy, professional development, events to come and of course - books!

A big added bonus was their lovely ARC shelf.
** I was able to read a lot of recently published picture books this week and this one was a special treat for me:

Frida was such a vibrant, creative, and unique individual. Yuyi Morales shares the spirit of Frida through this beautiful book. I had tears and I read it multiple times in a row. It was quite an experience. 

** We had the first two meetings of our 4th and 5th grade writers group. I had a few more than 20 students stay in during their lunch recess to write together and talk about their writing. They were sprawled all over the library at tables on the floors, on comfy chairs and couches.

** This week we had the groundbreaking for our school. 
It is exciting for all of us to see the big equipment and see the changes happening little by little. We will have a second story and all new learning spaces by the time it is finished next year.

** While I was in Madison, I was able to visit with my son. That always makes a week special.

** The book fair materials arrived. Students are always so excited as they see the boxes slowly get opened and set up. Their eyes have a certain gleam when they see the crates.

I hope that your week was also full of celebrations!


  1. How exciting - the plans for your new school! Love all of the little diggers with their shovels. Looks like you really did score with this ARC collection! Awesome.

  2. Great celebrations! Love those ARCs! We just had our Book Fair this past week, there are some great selections.

  3. Your CCBC book ctr sounds wonderful, Crystal. I don't think we have anything like that here. Congrats on your writing group enthusiasm- what a lot of kids signing up! And happy for you with the new school happening-exciting stuff!

  4. Wonderful week. A new school, a place for book lovers and students giving up lunch for writing! I love it.

  5. More space for books and learning. I hope that all over the world there could be more spaces where students can sprawl all over at tables on the floors, on comfy chairs and couches to read and write and celebrate.