Friday, February 21, 2014

World Read Aloud Day Blogging Challenge

Two years ago I experienced my very first World Read Aloud Day and loved every minute of the fun. We spread it out over more than one day too. That first year we visited many classrooms and Skyped with fabulous authors from around the country. 

Last year we did it again combining it with Read Across America and stretching it out over several days so many classes could Skype with others around the country. 

Each time has been a wonderful adventure. I hope that you will be having some kind of celebration or will be reading aloud that day in some capacity. If you want to know more about the day or want to sign up to participate, visit LitWorld.

I'm a little late getting started with the blogging challenge, but here goes. The first prompt is to write about a memorable read aloud experience.

I am certain that my favorite read aloud experiences were with my mother as a young child, but I do not remember them. I know those times were why I devoured books by kindergarten though.

I do remember being read to in elementary school. I loved hearing about Ramona Quimby and the  little girl with the curl that went "boing" that was so tempting to pull. I loved that Ramona drew cat ears on her Q. Ramona definitely stuck with me. Read aloud time was the best part of school for me. It was like a vacation from the work.

I enjoy seeing students fully engaged as they melt into a story that is being read aloud. I am looking forward to experiencing read alouds with them during WRAD week. We have Skype visits arranged for many of the classes with other students around the country and with a few authors too. If there isn't a Skype visit, we will be reading with buddies. We will have e-books and hard copies available. Planning is still happening, but I am hoping that a few classes will also have guest readers come. We will also have a poem read over announcements so every person including support staff will hear something read aloud that day even if they are not in a classroom. 

World Read Aloud Day is an excellent excuse to connect with other people through the written word. Happy reading to you!

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