Sunday, January 12, 2014


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Ruth Ayres has a link-up on Saturdays where people link to posts that are celebrations about their week. I was out of town yesterday, so this weekend I'm posting on Sunday.

One: We are hosting a foreign exchange student again for the coming school year. This week the paperwork was finalized and we are allowed to communicate with the family. It was great to see a video that our teen filmed to introduce himself. We have also exchanged emails. We had a student a few years ago and I am happy that we are getting to have another experience with someone from the other side of the world.

Two: We went to our first Wisconsin Badger hockey game. It was a lot of fun to eat at a fantastic Korean restaurant with our son and share the exciting hockey game.

Three: I was happy that I found a helpful yoga routine for hamstrings. I have had difficulty with my running over the past year due to a hamstring issue. This week the yoga I was doing seemed to help a lot and I had less pain when I ran. Yay!

Four: Winter weather days! The extra days at home this week were helpful as I was able to clean up around the house and I spent some time buried in good books.

Five: I had a great time with my new tech crew at school. They plan, tape, and edit our video announcements that we post about once every six days. We had training and taped our first video with excellent results.

I hope your week was filled with celebrations.

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  1. Exchange students make great celebrations! We have hosted in the past and look forward to getting to host again (although it won't be this upcoming school year!). Thanks for joining the celebration link-up!
    Shine on,