Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Digital Learning Day

Created by Peter Reynolds for Digital Learning Day

Today is Digital Learning Day in Wisconsin and we are active all over school using technology to enhance and transform instruction.  Announcements were unchained from the standard location when our principal and two students used a laptop and UStream rather than our bulky camera that is pretty much chained to one room.  Students have been using technology throughout the day posting on blogs, researching, and creating.  It is exciting to see all the things that the teachers are trying today.  The challenge for our staff was to integrate one new technology tool.  In some ways, today doesn't look a whole lot different than a typical day since our building uses digital learning every day.  The only thing is that today we are pushing ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone.  Hopefully, I will have more to post as the day progresses.  Happy Digital Learning Day!

It ended up being a busy day for me helping to make sure things went smoothly around the school, but it was really awesome to see people using some of the things they saw at the Technology Petting Zoo last week.  Playaways were checked out and the iPad cart was buzzing all over the school with kids videotaping themselves and each other, using new apps, and experimenting and creating.  Some classes were posting or commenting on blogs for the first time and both teachers and students had a high level of excitement about many of these experiences.  I loved having a part in it and hope to see continued growth with both staff and students.  I have ideas about what to do next time too.  I would like to do something like Sarah's Digital Learning Fair with students teaching and demonstrating.  Something to look forward to next year.


  1. How did the end of your Digital Learning Day go?

  2. Whew it was a busy day. It was great to be helping so many people get their activities going and keeping things running smoothly. I think everything worked pretty well and a lot of staff members tried new things. Fortunately, since things went so well, I think that they will continue to use some of the tools we experimented with today. The iPad cart has never been so busy.