Sunday, January 21, 2018


Ruth Ayres has a link-up on weekends where people link to posts that are celebrations about their week. I love this reminder to celebrate every week and I appreciate the community we have through this link-up.
This month I've been trying to write down at least three things each day that brought me joy (a practice recommended in The Book of Joy). That means nowadays, I have notes for writing my celebrate post. The week started off well since our kindergarten students were able to have a Skype visit with Emily Arrow. We had a blast chatting with her and singing together. All through the week students were commenting on how much they enjoyed our visit. I think they'll remember it for a long time and it renewed their interest in some of the books we've read along with Emily's songs.

The Emily Arrow visit was the same day that my mother was in the hospital. Isn't it funny how highs and lows can be so close together?

Here are some of the things I appreciated this week:
  • good report from the doctor for my mom
  • making, eating, and sharing yummy baklava
  • seeing snow sparkling in the light
  • warm cheesy potato soup
  • a package of sweets & tea from Brazil
  • laughing with co-workers
  • running again
  • warm enough weather to actually walk the dog
  • my youngest child turned 20 & we celebrated together
I wish you a wonderful week!


  1. I'm glad you have good news about your mom, Crystal. That's terrific! And the visit with Emily Arrow must have been lots of fun, plus celebrating with your daughter, too. I don't write them down, maybe I should, and like your idea of remembering the good things each day! Enjoy the coming week!

  2. I love all these things and celebrate them with you. I love this idea of listing each day the things that are joyful. I may try this in the upcoming week!

  3. Great idea to list the things each day that bring joy! Your visit with Emily Arrow sounds great, snow sparkling, running, cheesy potato soup, and laughing. Your work was filled with joy. Thanks for sharing. I used to start our Sunday School class each week by asking each student to share a high and a low. It was a great way to get to know the littles better.

  4. What a great practice in collecting joy. Your list made me smile and I'm glad you took the time to celebrate with us!