Friday, December 30, 2016

#MustReadin2016 Wrap-Up

I'm out of town so will only write a brief post. I'm so glad Carrie Gelsen, from There is a Book for That, organizes this. Here are the books that I finished as part of #MustReadin2016.


Of these, here are my favorites.


Here are the books I did not get to yet. Some are not read because they aren't easily available to me and some because I simply ran out of time. Some will likely end up on my list for 2017.


I hope you were able to read some amazing books this year and if you didn't participate in 2016, you are cordially and enthusiastically invited to participate in 2017.


  1. I like how you spotlighted your favorites, too!
    Here's to 2017 reading!

  2. Love seeing Tricky Vic on your favourites. What a story!

  3. I really liked Last Night I Sang to the Monster, too.

  4. Lots of new titles for me on your lists. Out of your favorites, I, too enjoyed Booked, Tricky Vic, and Thunder Boy, Jr. Happy reading in 2017!