Saturday, February 28, 2015


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Ruth Ayres has a link-up on Saturdays where people link to posts that are celebrations about their week. I love this reminder to celebrate every week.

* I was able to binge watch Downton Abbey this week. I don't really watch television as a general rule. I used to watch Survivor sometimes when my whole family was watching it years ago. The other show I watched was all of the Dr. Who episodes (except two my daughter said I could skip) in preparation to watch the fiftieth anniversary special with her. I watched about a season a week for that. This weekend our public library is having a Sunday Tea in honor of the end of the fifth season. I love tea and wanted to go the party so I have been watching the first two seasons at a rapid clip.

* Our staff had another Fabulous Friday activity. This time it was a White Elephant exchange. I forgot so didn't participate, but still got a bellyful of laughs watching them open their gifts at the end of the day.

* Despite technical difficulties (we had to use a cell phone to hear her), some of our second grade students were able to Skype with our former ELL teacher who has moved away. It was wonderful to see her beautiful smiling face.

* We also had our Fancy Lunch this week at school. The lights were dim, we had little battery operated tea lights, paper on the tables for drawing and soft jazz playing. Students and staff were dressed in fancy clothes too. One of the students informed me that we should definitely NOT schedule the next fancy lunch on a spaghetti day. He had a point. There were a few splotches on clothes.

* Our Battle of the Books team participated in the state competition. They did miss a few questions, but they had the highest score that any team has gotten at our school the whole time I have been coaching. They were awesome. It was cool to get to work with them.

I'm off to the library. It's a beautiful day though we are still only sitting at twelve degrees. The sun is shining and we may even get to twenty this afternoon. Oh, and there are girl scout cookies in the house. That's a celebration in itself. :)

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  1. We had the cold, but wonderful sun, too Crystal, a lovely day. Fun to hear about your fancy lunch and spaghetti. Bibs? Congrats for the Battle of the Books competition-awesome! Sounds all together like a good week!