Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The fabulous Carrie Gelson over at There is a Book for That has started a reading challenge called #MustReadin2014. Since it fits in with my reading plans, I have added it to my list of challenges. As part of the challenge, we each created a list of books that we "must read" in 2014. These lists are very individualized. I have included the Printz books since I started that challenge last year. I also added the books that were on the Best Multicultural Books of 2013 list created by The Center for the Study of Multicultural Children's Literature. Since the challenge was designed to whittle down our To Be Read lists, there are also books on my list that have been waiting for years. One has been on my list since the summer of 2010. My To Be Read shelf on Goodreads has well over 1,000 books on it, but I kept only 110 for by #MustRead2014 shelf.

I have not been very good about reporting on my #MustRead2014 accomplishments on the blog or on Twitter, but I have been making steady progress. In January I read 17 books on the list.

Some of my favorites (in age order) were the gorgeous and sweet board book Little You, the funny and adventure-filled Shadow Hero and the downright amazing Kindred. There were many pages of fun, emotion, mystery, and enchantment throughout the month. I reviewed The Shadow Hero on Rich in Color.

In February, my numbers went down significantly as my reading has become a little less focused. I did manage five books on the list though.

The illustrations in The Tortoise and the Hare were fantastic. All five of the books were really standouts. I was excited to finally read How I Became a Ghost. It is quite a unique story. I reviewed Open Mic here.

For March, I have finished four books from the list. These were four books that will be in my mind for quite some time. I reviewed Akata Witch here. It was a fantasy that captured my attention and I didn't want to leave it. I am very eager for the next one in the series. A Long Walk to Water was just as fabulous as Holly Mueller and David Etkin had led me to believe. I knew that March and Diego would be engrossing and they were. Too funny that I read March in March. I hadn't noticed that until now. ;)

So far, this list has been a fantastic journey. I am hoping that my numbers don't keep dropping though. I have finished 26 and still have 84 more to read. With summer break I should be able to get to quite a few of those titles. I will also try to tweet more often as I finish books - especially the ones that are blowing my socks off. Let me know if you are participating.


  1. You have read so many books on this list! But your list is a huge one! Love it! I need to come back and add a bunch of these to my GoodReads list. So interesting to see what people have loved so far.

  2. It seems to me you have read a lot, Crystal. I've taught Kindred several times with a book group in the past. It is awesome, & she has written some terrific short stories too. So sad about her untimely death. I still need to read March & One Came Home, really want to get to those soon. And I see a few others on your list I should add. That's the problem, every time I read one of the 'reading' blog posts, I add more! But, it is fun reading... Thanks for posting!

    1. I can't believe I hadn't read Kindred before this. Also, I am almost afraid to look at everyone's post in fear that my list will grow. :)

  3. Lots of great titles in here, including some on my larger TBR pile. I think I will need to move A Long Walk to Water up, though! Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

    My #MustReadin2014 post: http://bit.ly/PdN5ck


    1. I loved it and have passed it on to several teachers in my building already. It's a fast read too.