Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Stacks

Gigi McAllister has a post today about the various bookstacks in her home and she asked us about ours. I have too many to simply reply in her comments so figured I would quickly pop a few pictures up here and post a link.

These are beside my bed. I just started Killer of Enemies today & Grasshopper Jungle is up next.

These are the amazing stacks of books that I got yesterday when I visited a public library while I was in another town. They had a $5 bag sale and I fit 31 books in there. A few of them are in my school bag, but these are for me at home. :)

These two are books that I got from a publisher and an author. 

I want to read this, but I got all teary just reading the back cover.
 I bought it, but haven't had the guts to dive in yet.

I read these recently for two different book clubs.

This is my library stack. It's a good thing we can renew books online.

This is my bag of things going back to the library tomorrow.

I have so many piles and I am looking forward to the long weekend coming up so I can dig in to some of these lovelies.

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  1. I love it! I am so appreciative of the online library renewal also. It saves me all the time! Great stocks!