Sunday, December 1, 2013


I caught a glimpse of the #nerdlution conversation on Twitter the other day and had to wonder what new adventure was in the works. Franki Sibberson explains #Nerdlution well in this blogpost. Everyone involved will be working toward fulfilling a daily goal and we will have a place to find support and encouragement through the Twitter hashtag.

After seeing what other people will be doing, I think I want to try to aim for exercising and writing every day. After finishing National Novel Writing Month, it would be very tempting to stop writing, but one of the main reasons for #NaNoWriMo is to create that habit of writing so I want to try to keep it going. Also, I like to run, but I tend to let that slide in the winter since I am not into freezing. I don't always do anything else though. I am hoping to go to more Zumba classes. I also  want to check out some of the other opportunities since we have a YMCA membership. I have a backup plan here at the house in case I run out of time or don't want to go out too. We have Just Dance for the Wii. My daughter and I gave it a run through last night and it was quite a workout.

I love being a part of something like this and am hoping to see great results. All are welcome! Join up if you are interested.

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