Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#Nerdlution Update

Since #Nerdlution began, I have been trying to write and exercise every day. You can see pretty quickly how I gave myself lots of wiggle room there. There are no specifics about how long or what to do really.

I did make a plan though. I researched the classes at the YMCA (already a member) a few blocks from where I work and found a new one I hadn't attended. So now I have gone to two pilates classes. My abs hate me by the way. I've been going to Zumba once a week, but I upped it to three times. I've also hit the treadmill a few times before or after working out. I've done some yoga too. I did have one day though where I "exercised" by stretching for about five minutes. Still counted it as a positive because I wouldn't have even done that if it wasn't for #Nerdlution.

On the writing front, I have written blog posts, including my very first Slice of Life, and I have been writing in my journal too. I gave myself no minimum amount of time or pages though, so I am likely to squirm out of it or at least do very little. Again though, I am figuring it is a plus if I even write a few sentences because without #Nerdlution it would be zero sentences.

When a few people were discussing difficulty fulfilling our own expectations, Cindy Minnich said it well:
I don't want #Nerdlution to become a stressor for me. It is just meant to be an incentive, so I will try to focus more on what I have accomplished than on the times when I didn't do as well as I would have hoped. I know that even if I don't hit the target completely, I will still have exercised and written more than I would have otherwise. I'm moving forward!

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