Friday, April 12, 2013

Review: I Hate Picture Books!

Author: Timothy Young
Publisher: Shiffer Publishing
Pages: 32
Audience: Ages 5-8
Genre: Realistic
Review Copy: ARC from NetGalley
Release Date: February 28, 2013 (on shelves now)

Summary: Max hates his picture books and he’s throwing them all away. But he soon learns just how invaluable imagination is and has a change of heart. Find out why in this outrageous book that both pokes fun at and celebrates many of the classics of children’s literature. Join writer and illustrator Timothy Young for this irreverent and humorous story ideal for children and adults alike. Early Reader; Ages 5-8. --Cover image and summary from publisher

Review: The title certainly gives cause for a double-take from a book lover. Hating on picture books seems unfathomable but the boy states his case well. He has some valid reasons for his dislike and he is certainly tormented and confused about his love/hate relationship with picture books. The storyline is very simple, but the fun part is definitely the cameos of excellent picture books. There are glimpses of and references to many childhood favorites throughout the book. Seeing so many book friends all in one place was definitely a treat. Children will likely get a kick out of seeing their favorites sprinkled throughout. This would be a nice addition to a Picture Book Month celebration.

I Hate Picture Books! video from Kickstarter project page

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