Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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What in the world is a #SummerThrowDown? Initially, I had no idea how to answer that question, but, Mrs. Heise offered this explanation: "a friendly challenge to keep us motivated to read as much as possible this summer." Would you believe it involved wrestling each other for the right to read or lobbing items off of high mountains? Well, actually it didn't, but those might be fun too. Instead, teachers and librarians had the excellent chance to read, read, read, read, read with a bit of friendly competition. I figured it could only help me in the #bookaday challenge that I was participating in already. The best part is that we were part of a community of readers and every teacher and librarian won as we read thousands of books together. Here are ten of the most memorable children and young adult titles that I experienced along the way.

I loved this family focused picture book.

Creeptastic picture book! High ick factor.

A definite MG winner for humor & Star Wars fans

Creative graphic novel with multiple authors -
fun to see the variety of ideas around one theme

Action, adventure, swordfights, and mystery  - fabulous MG

Intriguing YA paranormal mystery

Seriously horrifying and creepy YA novel with rather graphic violence -

surprisingly thought-provoking

Young non-fiction picture book about forest life cycle

MG to YA non-fiction about child labor  in the U.S

Moving YA biography about photographer Dorothea Lange

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