Sunday, April 29, 2012

Poem In Your Pocket Day

I am so excited that Poem in a Pocket Day seemed to go really well at our school. It was a first time celebration so I honestly didn't know how it would look and if kids would be excited, but they certainly were.

Our principal joked about having the police and mayor come to the school for it, but one of our teachers heard his comment and wondered why not invite them. She did and they accepted the invitation. A line from the poem "The Poems I Like Best" by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer was featured in this News Channel 8 video segment about the their visit.


Students enjoyed meeting the mayor and chief of police.  They checked to see if everyone had followed directions and had a poem in their pocket. Some had the poem in rather more interesting places like socks or shoes as they didn't happen to have pockets, but all questioned had their poems.

We had a great day reading poems to each other in the hallways, on the playground, at lunch, in our classrooms and basically all over the school. I look forward to celebrating again next year!

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