Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Day in the Life of this LMC Director

Way back in February, I kept a document open all day and every time I could remember, I typed a note about what I had been doing. Here is that list in case you are wondering what kinds of things an LMC director might be involved with during a school day.

Greet students in the hall

Check email

Talk to HS LMC director and Dist. Tech Integration person re: apps for iPad

Redeem vouchers from grant and load 30 iPads w word processor and other apps

Help 2nd graders find what they need in the LMC. Help 2nd graders with listening station so they can listen to book on CD.

Deliver iPads to 1st grade.

Set up Smartboard lesson for PK class. Assist when class shows up.

Help another 2nd grade class find what they need in the LMC.

Help teacher get mirroring turned on from her computer to her projector and gave instructions so she can do it herself next time.

Met with district tech integration person to explore Adobe Connect to do Battle of the Books next week with all three schools in video chat.

Taught two 3rd grade lessons on organization of the library with tour of the dewey sections (including book talks).

Helped 1st grade find what they need and check out.

Talked to another elementary librarian over phone to organize time and day for Battle next week

Talked with a small group of 5th grade students about iPads and how they work on the cart

Very brief meeting with principal re book in the reading curriculum with language that is unexpected for that level. How to let teachers be aware that an offensive word is in there so staff & kids don't stumble on unaware yet still keep the book in our collection.

Lunch – finally sitting down – not so fast, student having difficulty creating a document with Yarny. Tried a few times then had him switch over to google docs since Yarny's site seemed to be having probs.

Now going to lunch - pre-k showed up early for class – walked through how to use the SmartBoard and then read a non-fiction bk about penguins on Starfall.

Now lunch for 10 min. then met with 4 battle of the books teams from 4th grade quizzing & info about test and battles next wk.

Now lunch for 5 more min. then 1st grade came in for short checkout.

Talked with second grade teacher about grant. Watched brief daily announcement video w principal. He's using youtube education channel to post these for parent viewing.

Battle of the Books with 5th grade – 3 teams.

End of the day – clean up desk and get a few more apps on the iPads. Pack up lesson plans to take home. Taking home iPad with new apps to learn.

Helped someone get united streaming on iPad. Discussed pros/cons of specific laptops for use with special ed student.

I love my job because there really is never a dull moment and I have plans for the days, but there are always many surprises. 


  1. Whew, you are a busy lady! You should wear a pedometer to see how much you travel in your work day! I enjoyed walking through your day with you. :)

  2. Thanks! I like that I get to do so many different things during any given day. It's busy, but a lot of fun.