Sunday, January 8, 2012

On an Exciting Ride

I have just begun to discover what kind of wild ride I am going to be on for the next few weeks.  I have joined a collaborative learning environment called Digital Storytelling for Young Learners.  This workshop will be lead by some amazing people from all over the world.  As I see other students signing on from Istanbul, Argentina, Japan, Greece, New Zealand, and many other countries, I feel excitement because we are truly working together globally.  We are sharing from our classrooms and from our wide variety of backgrounds and I will be happy to learn with and learn from so many teachers.

I am getting ready to go play in the digital sandbox that the moderators have set up for us.  It has all sorts of fun new toys for me to play with like Comic Master, Story Bird, and Creaza.  All of these toys or tools are useful for digital storytelling.

I hope to learn a lot and bring some of these great tools to our school.

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