Tuesday, March 17, 2015

{#sol15} A Look Back 17/31

hosted by Two Writing Teachers

A Look Back

They made me walk with him for the Easter Parade.
I wanted someone else to be my escort, 
He was the only white boy in my class.
We lived in Dallas in the 70s.
I couldn't walk with anyone else.
This made no sense to my kindergarten self.

In our home dishes could crash against walls.
There were raised voices, tears, fear
And hiding places in the dark.
Not a place to bring friends.
Not a place to feel safe.

We were Bluebirds and knew we were special.
Calling out words around the small circle.
Masters of the universe.
Reading took me to other lands
When the one I was in got too frightening.

Packing up again. Making a fresh start.
Moving, searching for the greener grass.
Learning that we make the same mistakes.
Wherever we go, we bring ourselves too.


  1. I am no psychologist, but I hope that by writing this it means that you have not only survived, but thrived. Your last line of the last stanza was powerful. I wanted to reach out to the young you and give you a hug, and give the grown up you a handshake.

    1. Survived and yes, I think I have thrived. I wanted to write more, but it was tough to even get that far. Thanks!

  2. The contrast from school to home takes my breath away. How many students who have passed through our schools have lived this same kind of life, unknown to the school.