Saturday, December 22, 2012


I just read over my post from the beginning of the year that listed my goals both personal and professional.

1. Read 650 books as part of the Goodreads Reading Challenge As of today 728 completed!

2. Participate in John Schu's Newbery Challenge (read all Newbery award books by Dec. 2013) As of today I have finished 56 which is more than half.

3. Read all of the Caldecott books (including honors) as part of the Caldecott Challenge at LibLaura5 with Laura and Anna at AtoZ Library I have read many, but I am much farther behind on these. 

4. Finish the last 29 Nerdy Award Nominees that I have not yet read Complete!

5. Read at least twice as much non-fiction this year than last (about 50 books) Did it with 92 read so far.

School Related
1. Arrange for Skype Author visits for every grade level
Every grade level had a visit, but one class did get missed.

2. Read more non-fiction with every grade level using some of the info from Passport Nonfiction from Sarah and Amy We read & used more non-fiction this year for sure.

3. Have my first Technology Petting Zoo like @pageintraining Did it! Read about it here.

4. Collaborate and connect with teachers, librarians, and students beyond our district Did it!

1. Complete a graduate class Library Services for Children and YA
Did it!

2. Remain calm and at peace as much as possible in spite of son's graduation from High School Okay, so not as great with this one, but we did survive it. :)

Putting goals down in writing seems to really help me focus. I need to work on doing this twice a year instead of just once. I would like to have new goals at the beginning of the school year too. 

I definitely met most of my goals and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but it also makes me want to get started on a new list. Over the next few days I will be thinking seriously about my goals and hopefully will pick some good ones that will help me learn and grow and have some fun. Have a great week!

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