Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Review: 10 Gulab Jamuns: Counting with an Indian Sweet Treat

Title: 10 Gulab Jamuns: Counting with an Indian Sweet Treat
Author: Sandhya Acharya
Illustrator: Vanessa Alexandre
Publisher: Mascot Books
Pages: 30
Review copy: Digital copy provided by author

Summary: Young brothers Idu (Ee-doo) and Adu (Aa-doo) can’t wait for dinner! They’re having guests over, and their Mamma has already made a feast that has their mouths watering. Now all Mamma has left to make are the Galub Jamun… But Idu and Adu don’t know what that is! From their first taste of the sweet treat, they can’t seem to get enough of the syrup-soaked dough, but Mamma has only made so many. Will the Galub Jamun even make it to their guests’ plates? This humorous and fun story includes a simple recipe to make your own Galub Jamun, and easy to follow lessons so you can make sure to count them along the way!

Review: I'm inclined to love books about food. Learning about a food new to me is especially welcome. In 10 Gulab Jamuns, Mamma is preparing fantastic sounding sweet treats for their guests. The illustrations are bright, cheerful, and show the mischievous children at work. The Gulab Jamuns are sweet, but so are the interactions between the family members.

The inclusion of a recipe for gulab jamuns makes the book even more fun. I look forward to trying out the recipe in the future. Readers and their families will likely be inspired to make Gulab Jamuns after reading this cute story of family and food that is universal while also highlighting Indian culture.

Recomendation: This is a nice addition to any picture book collection especially for those looking for representation from India or books focusing on food.

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