Thursday, July 27, 2017

Review: The Little Doctor/El doctorcito

Title: The Little Doctor/El doctorcito
Author: Juan J. Guerra
Illustrator: Victoria Castillo
Publisher: Piñata Books
Pages: 32
Review copy: Final copy provided by publisher
Availability: On shelves now

Summary: In this bilingual picture book, a young Salvadoran boy dreams of helping his family and community by becoming a doctor.

Review:  Salvador is a fourth grade boy who goes with his abuela to her doctor visit. She needs him to translate from English to Spanish. He's a boy who is excited about his science class at school and is intrigued about becoming a doctor. The way his abuela is treated at the clinic makes him want to be a doctor even more. The doctor doesn't take much time with her and even tells her to lay off the Mexican food. Salvador explains that they are from El Salvador and they don't even eat Mexican food, but the doctor is unapologetic and unconcerned. The book is based on the author's own experience as a child. I love how the book shows the value of bilingualism and having health care that truly shows care.

The illustrations are energetic, colorful, and fun. This is a book that would definitely be useful when learning about careers.

Recommendation: Purchase this if you want more books about grandmothers, careers, or creating positive attitudes around bilingualism.

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