Sunday, September 25, 2016


Ruth Ayres has a link-up on weekends where people link to posts that are celebrations about their week. I love this reminder to celebrate every week.

This week Linda posted a lovely list of small things and it seemed like an excellent idea for today's post. Here are some of the small things that made me smile this week.

  • Twitter interaction with Debbie Ridpath Ohi as she waited for her flight
  • watching our exchange student get ready for Homecoming
  • being followed by a great author on Twitter
  • finding a forgotten yummy chocolate treat in my purse from a trip last week
  • diving into Michael Hall's picture books with students as we prepare for his visit
  • Homecoming week dress-up days including my favorite - pajama day
  • working with our 5th grade video crew
  • invitation to a library meeting in another school district to talk about inclusive resources
  • hot chai on a rainy night
  • students with purple hair
  • finding out about another Yuyi Morales book coming very soon
  • getting columns in Googledocs
  • the beginning of fall in all of its glory
  • a student gushing about Roller Girl when she returned the book
  • texts and conversations with my adult children
  • date night with husband at a new restaurant we enjoyed
There are many reasons to smile in spite of some of the not so lovely things happening in the world and in my personal life. I really appreciate this group because it keeps me looking for the good.


  1. I love gratitude lists. They don't need to be grand. Sometimes the small moments are the best, like a date night or finding forgotten chocolate.

  2. Love those tweets, Crystal, lovely wishes and a grateful sketch! Thanks for sharing your list, too, and the shout out! You've made me smile as I read each part. I'll keep an eye out for Yuyi Morales book!

  3. So many fun things in your list - the sketch from Debbie was darling! Fall in all its glory and pajama day are both things I celebrate too. And I agree - in the middle of tough weeks, it's good to look for the good.

  4. I enjoyed reading your interaction with Debbie on Twitter. So fun!

  5. Keep on looking for the good in life, Crystal. We have a tight community of friends here so life is good each Celebration week. Thanks for the tip about Google Docs. Off to try it...