Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review: Traveling the Underground Railroad

Title: Traveling the Underground Railroad (Terrell and Keke's Adventures Through Time)
Author: Kesha Rushing
Publisher: Kea Publishing (self-published)
Pages: 132
Review copy: Digital Edition via author
Availability: For purchase online

Summary:  Eleven-year-old Terrell and his 8 year-old sister, Keke, are time-travelers. Only they don't know it yet. All they know is it's the end of school year, their parents are having financial troubles and they must leave their friends in Chicago to spend the summer with their grandparents in small-town Tennessee.

An entire summer with a sassy, annoying little sister following his every step?! This may be Terrell's most boring summer ever. Or, will it? The woods behind his grandparents' house are deep, dark and forbidden - the perfect place for an adventure. The pair discover a hidden cabin and a trunk full of books that will lead them on a whirlwind adventure through time. Their first stop? The Underground Railroad led by the famous abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. On their journey they will travel as runaways and experience the danger, fear and courage that many slaves experienced on their journey to freedom.

Review: Terrell is just a typical fifth grade student off on a visit to relatives for the summer. He's not expecting much excitement, but that is exactly what he gets and his sister is following right behind him. Readers who enjoyed the Magic Treehouse series will likely enjoy traveling with Terrell and Keke on their journey through time.

I found the travel back in time to be very interesting and I learned some new things about Harriet Tubman. I didn't know she had an injury to the head that cause her to fall into deep sleeps. This comes up during their time with her. The children are in a great deal of danger during their trip so there is definitely tension and suspense. I read the book at a fast clip.

This would be a great book to put into the hands of readers interested in adventure and history. I hope to see more books with Terrell and Keke.


  1. I would have loved reading this book as a child. I read every book I could find about the Underground Railroad. I am going to have to get my hands on this one. I'd love to learn a bit more facts about Harriet Tubman.

  2. This would pair wonderfully with Underground abductor!